Capture your big moment for your business with opportunity, community and transformation during the Global Learning Series.  With over 40+ hours of live education this is your chance to learn everything you need for a successful business. 

The Global Learning Series is free for all pre-qualified and registered attendees. You’ll be able to sit and share your retail perspective. The sessions are designed to reflect sound adult learning principles and the best thinking in the field, informed by theory, research and practice.

PAWS2LEARN  Hosted on the Spotlight Stage at the New Products Showcase. Quick, 15-minute, learning experiences covering Hot Topics, Wellness, New Initiatives, Good Works, and glimpses into Retail Success Series sessions.

MARKET DATA & INSIGHTS  What to plan for in 2023 and beyond, including the latest data in pet ownership, profitability, and more.

RETAILER SUCCESS SERIES These sessions present a wide range of subjects including Customer Experience, Human Resources, Leadership, PR & Marketing and Profitability & Growth that are relevant to successful management of a retail pet store

APPA LEARNING EXPERIENCES – these include a retail tour, interest group meet ups, and other experiential activities taking place before, during and after the show.