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APPA Announces Relationship with Content Status Ahead of Global Pet Expo 2023

The product page is the epicenter of online success in today's digital marketplace. To help pet industry manufacturers and retailers maximize their online growth opportunities, APPA has announced a relationship with Content Status, a product-page content auditing leader that provides market insights to improve e-commerce strategy and increase sales.

Content Status surveys pet brands and retailers to gauge sentiments about the state of their product pages. These findings will shed light on the pet industry's most pressing product content obstacles and actionable opportunities to address them.   Content Status works with companies to quickly assess, identify and update their online product content to ultimately make improvements that will fuel higher conversions and brand growth.

To learn more, share your pet product insights and opinions by completing this 3-minute survey. If you choose to share your email, you will receive a complimentary copy of the survey results. 

Content Status Survey

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