New Products Showcase

Highlight your newest products in the New Products Showcase

Buyers flock to the New Products Showcase to find innovative new products for their customers. This 45,000 square-foot space on the trade show floor is set aside to recognize the year's best creative efforts in New Product and Point-of-Purchase Displays.

New Product Showcase submissions are accepted online starting December 2022.

"The New Product Showcase gives me an inkling of where the business, the industry may be going, maybe what's not there anymore."  Gary Noodleman, 2022 Global Pet Expo Attendee

Discover the New Product Showcase

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Did You Know?

3 out of 4 buyers at the show purchase at least one product they discover at the New Products Showcase

Best in Show Awards

The New Products Showcase “Best in Show” awards are the most coveted awards given in the industry.

Every product in the New Product Showcase is automatically entered in our renowned Best in Show contest — providing even more exposure for your company. Winners are announced at the Annual New Products Showcase Awards presentation that happens right on the busy show floor and attracts buyer and mega-media attention. 

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