Exhibitor Sales Representative

Global Pet Expo is a professional trade show that is only open to qualified businesses. To attend as an Exhibitor Sales Representative, your company will need to meet specific business requirements. Note: Global Pet Expo qualifies companies and not individuals.

Exhibitor Sales Representatives are defined as independent third-party agents or companies who represent two or more manufacturers in a sales capacity. To qualify, Exhibitor Sales Representatives must provide the contact information for two exhibiting manufacturers in a sales capacity.

If you believe your company is already qualified but do not have your login information, please contact buyers@americanpetproducts.org.

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Exhibitor Sales Representative Application:

If you are a New Exhibitor Sales Representative, your company must fill out an application to qualify for Global Pet Expo.

Step 1: Getting Started

In the first portion of the application, you enter your contact and company information and set up login credentials as your company's Key Contact.

Step 2: Provide Documentation

To qualify, Exhibitor Sales Representatives must provide the following contact information of two exhibiting manufacturers they are currently working with in a sales capacity.

  • Exhibiting Company Name
  • Booth #
  • Exhibitor Contact Name
  • Exhibitor Contact Phone Number
  • Exhibitor Contact Email

Note: This is a required section. Please be sure to have this information when filling out your application, as our team will be contacting these companies as references. Additional conditions may apply.

Step 3: Application Review

Show management will review your application. If our team requires more information, they will contact you directly.

Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation that will prompt you to log in to the registration portal, where you can register yourself and your team for badges. To get started, click “Add Registrations.” Please note that application approval does not automatically register you or your colleagues for badges, so be sure to complete the steps to register yourself and your colleagues for the show.

For help, contact GlobalPet@xpressreg.net.