Influencer Registration


Read below to see if you qualify to register as an influencer.


Applying for Credentials

Influencer credentials are available for qualified social media influencers. To apply, you must complete an influencer registration application and submit the required documentation. Application approval is based on the qualifications and documentation as outlined below. All influencer registration applications are subject to approval by Global Pet Expo Show Management.

Please note: Global Pet Expo is a professional trade show and is not open to the public. Influencers attending the show must be operating in a business capacity focused on partnership building, meeting with brands, creating content and networking with pet industry professionals.

We highly encourage influencers to apply for credentials by March 15 before traveling to the show. Anyone who arrives on-site without advance registration and/or the required influencer qualifications and documentation for registration should know that show accreditation/registration (and, therefore, entry onto the show floor) is not guaranteed.

Registration Qualifications

All applicants must have active social media channel(s) posting quality content that regularly features and engages with pet products/brands.


Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter Accounts


  • Minimum of 10,000 followers on your preferred channel (follower minimum will be waived for influencers who have attended the show within the last two years).
  • Engagement rate of at least 2%.


  • Metrics for three (3) posts published within the last 90 days on your preferred channel. Provide screenshots showing the number of engagements, including comments, likes, shares, and saves. Note: We recommend submitting documentation from your best performing channel most relevant to your application.

Instagram: Access your metrics by selecting ‘View Insights’ on your published post. 

TikTok: Access your metrics by selecting ‘Analytics’ on your published post. 

Facebook: Access your metrics by selecting ‘See insights and ads’ on your published post.

Twitter/X: Access your metrics by selecting the data icon on your published post.

  • Links to three (3) posts published within the last 90 days featuring pet products/brands. 
YouTube Channels


  • Minimum of 5,000 monthly video views


  • Metrics from your YouTube studio dashboard. Provide Screenshots showing your video views, watch time and subscriber growth from last month.

Access your metrics in the YouTube Studio dashboard by selecting 'Analytics' and updating the timeframe to 'Last 28 days'.

  • Links to three (3) videos published within the last 90 days featuring pet products/brands.

    Registration Approval Process

    Review of your influencer registration application is contingent upon receiving your application and accompanying documentation as specified above. 

    Upon receipt, Global Pet Expo's Public Relations team will review your materials and notify you of your registration approval or denial, or to request additional information/materials for further review. 

    Please note:

    • To ensure that exhibitors/brands have the best experience at Global Pet Expo, we kindly request that only social media influencers operating in a business capacity apply for credentials. Influencers not meeting this criterion may have their application declined and/or may not be approved for attendance at future events. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating an exceptional event for all attendees.
    • A history of previous attendance at Global Pet Expo does not guarantee registration approval or waive the application or documentation requirement.
    • There is a badge limit of two people per social media account. Any additional person registered with your account must be operating in a business capacity on behalf of your account and an active part of your content creation team. Please do not register your pet for a badge. Upon application approval, you will receive a link to complete a Permission for Pets request form.
    • Global Pet Expo Show Management reserves the right to deny any applicant credentials if an applicant does not provide sufficient or qualifying documentation.
    • Misconduct or misrepresentation of position may result in loss of influencer credentials and jeopardize future attendance.

    The following types of social media accounts do not qualify for social media influencer credentials:

    • Personal social media accounts or accounts tied to a product or service provider or that Global Pet Expo Show Management does not deem appropriate.
    • Accounts not actively promoting pet products or brands.
    • Social media influencers with less than 10,000 followers on their preferred channel.

    Global Pet Expo Show Management reserves the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke previously issued Global Pet Expo accreditation/registration at any time.

    Questions? Please email