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Hotel Solicitation Alert

Global Pet Expo has contracted onPeak as our official hotel booking company. Global Pet Expo cannot guarantee that any other booking company is legitimate, nor can we guarantee reservations made through other booking companies. Although they may imply otherwise, other companies are not associated with Global Pet Expo, Exhibitor Services, or APPA, and they may not represent an official Global Pet Expo hotel.

Fake companies may also reach out to you regarding hotel reservations. They may promise you a reservation that does not exist, and upon arrival at your hotel, you may be told that you do not have a room. 

General Solicitation Alert

From time to time, Global Pet Expo Show exhibitors may be contacted by third parties purporting to sell data on the attendees of Global Pet Expo. These offers are FRAUDULENT and are in no way connected with Global Pet Expo. Global Pet Expo does NOT sell any attendee data, and any such emails should be treated as spam. 

Look for the Official Contractor seal before proceeding to make your hotel reservation, and please check our list of Global Pet Expo official vendors.