Social Media Tool Kit for Media & Influencers


Utilize the messaging and content ideas below to help you create turnkey social media posts to promote your attendance at Global Pet Expo 2024 with your audience.

    GIPHY Stickers

    Get creative with your Instagram Stories by adding Global Pet Expo GIPHY stickers to your posts. Click here to view the GIPHYs.

    How to Use Stickers
    1. When creating an Instagram story, click on the square smiley face icon on the top of the screen. 
    2. Type “Global Pet Expo” or “Global Pet Expo 2024” in the search bar. You will find a variety of animations. 
    3. Click on the sticker you’d like to use to add it to your Story.
    4. Hold down on the sticker to move it around or resize it.
    5. Post your Instagram Story! 

    Social Media Channels

    Global Pet Expo is active on the following channels. Be sure to follow us and tag @GlobalPetExpo on your posts!


    Use our official hashtag #GlobalPetExpo when posting your content about the show to increase engagement on your content.

    Messaging & Content


    Content Ideas

    • Bringing a companion? Take pics or create a reel of you and your travel buddy gearing up for the show.
    • What are you bringing with you to the show? Create a reel with your Global Pet Expo essentials.
    • Tell your audience about the brand’s you’re scheduled to meet withat the show!
    • Share which brands you’re hoping to meet with at the show. Be sure to tag them in your post(s) to engage with them before you even arrive on-site.
    • Use Global Pet Expo’s GIPHYs in your Instagram Stories to let your audience know you’ll be attending the show.
    • Snap photos or take a video of your travels to Orlando.


    • Orlando, here we come! We're headed to #GlobalPetExpo 2024 to discover the latest pet products and see the latest in pet innovation! Follow along this week for updates.
    • What’s new in the pet industry? I’m headed to #GlobalPetExpo 2024 to find out! Stay tuned.
    • We’re headed to #GlobalPetExpo in Orlando to scope out the latest pet products! Make sure to follow along as we share highlights from the show.
    • We’re so excited to meet with [brand name(s)] at #GlobalPetExpo 2024! Which of their products would you like to learn more about while we’re at the show?

    At the Show

    Content Ideas

    • Create a “day in the life” at Global Pet Expo vlog-style video.
    • Take a selfie in front of the Orange County Convention Center.
    • Share Instagram Stories and/or create highlight videos from all the speical events throughout the week.
    • Share Instagram Stories and/or selfies with the pets and products you discover as you roam around the show.
    • Introduce your new friends and favorite brands/products to your followers.
    • Share product demonstrations (with exhibitor permission, of course!) of your favorite products. Collaborate with exhibitors/brands to capture demos and any key messaging points that the brand would like to share.
    • Create a video or image carousel of some of your favorite booths, products, pets, education sessions, special events, and moments you saw each day.
    • Use Global Pet Expo’s GIPHYs in your Instagram Stories to document your experiences in creative and fun ways.
    • Tip: Be sure to tag brands/booths for better engagement with your content!


    • I’m here at #GlobalPetExpo discovering the latest in pet product innovation and connecting with the pet care community! Follow along this week for a behind-the-scenes look at the show.
    • Scoping out the latest pet products at #GlobalPetExpo!
    • Excited to be here at #GlobaPetExpo with [organization, brand or pet attendee] to find the latest and greatest pet products!
    • We’re discovering all the latest in pet at #GlobalPetExpo! Take a look at some of my favorite new products so far.
    • We’re obsessed with this new product [product name] from [brand name]!

    Post Show

    Content Ideas

    • Put together a recap (image carousel or video) of your favorite moments from the show.
    • Create a video about the top 5 trends/brands/products you saw at the show and what you’re excited to see in 2024.
    • Did your travel buddy have a great time? Create a video showing off your pet’s POV of Global Pet Expo.
    • Share photos with new friends and/or brands you met at Global Pet Expo, and be sure to tag them.


    • Check out my favorite moments from #GlobalPetExpo 2024!
    • Check out the top 5 [trends/products/brands] I saw at #GlobalPetExpo 2024.
    • We had a great time at #GlobalPetExpo scoping out the latest pet products, making new friends, discovering new products and learning about the top pet care trends for 2024!